OIC Summit: President Jokowi Outlined Six Proposals

20 December 2017 203 Views

Istanbul – President Joko Widodo has repeatedly maintained that the unilateral claim by the US regarding the status of Jerusalem is totally unacceptable. That principled position was again upheld during a speech at the OIC Extraordinary Summit in Istanbul (13/12). 

President Joko Widodo urged members of the OIC to unite and put aside differences to stand up for the rights of Palestine. 

“The issue of Palestine must make us stronger. We shall speak with one voice to unite for Palestine,” he underlined. 

According to him, the decision by the US has left a significant feeling of injustice for humanity. 

“The hope for independence has been hampered severely by this latest development. The decision has dismissed the chance of a long-lasting peace. Therefore, the decision needs to be opposed,” stated by President Joko Widodo. 

He also considers the decision to have contradicted numerous UNSC resolutions regarding the conflict.

“The people of Indonesia, myself included, place a great deal of hope to this summit. They expect the OIC to achieve optimal, sustainable, and impactful outcomes for the future of Palestine,” he stressed further.  

The President also proposed a six-point action plan as a representation of OIC’s stance. 

Firstly, the only solution to resolve the Israel-Palestine conflict is through the Two-State Solution with East Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine. 

Secondly, he urged countries with embassies in Tel Aviv not to follow the US decision to move its embassy to Jerusalem. 

Thirdly, OIC member states must mobilize other nations that are yet to recognize Palestine to change their stance. 

Fourthly, OIC member states that maintain diplomatic relation to Israel must take necessary actions against Israel, as appropriate.

Fifth, OIC member states must agree on a collective action to boost humanitarian aid, increase capacity, and enhance economic cooperation for Palestine. 

Finally, President Joko Widodo urged the OIC to use various international and multilateral forum to further drive support for Palestine, including at the Human Rights Council and UN General Assembly. 

Source: Deputy for Protocol, Press and Media Affairs, Secretariat of the President